Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Scoreless at Full Time

Tense times at the Vatican

Update at 18 Minutes of Extra Time.  Scott Murray in the Guardian--"Argentina are dominating possession, pinging it around the back. But can't get it forward to the four men they've thrown up front. It's a stand-off. "How about sending home BOTH teams if a game ends in a 0-0 draw?" wonders Tom Walton. Anyone know anyone with Sepp Blatter's number? Tell them it's an emergency."  


Update at 27 Minutes of ET:  "Messi runs around in a baroque manner, going absolutely nowhere.  "Pope Franics better start saying his prayers for the penalties," says Justin Kavanagh. "He is reputed to always take the side of the poor, and Argentina have been that today."  

But then.... 

Goal Argentina.  Murray ... "This game has been dross, but this goal is pure quality! Palacio wins the ball in the middle of the park. Messi suddenly turns on the burners and dribbles down the inside left channel, drifting inside. Then he rolls a pass out wide right to Di Maria, who meets it and steers a wonderful finish into the bottom left corner! What a stunning finish, and a wonderful run by Messi." 

Followed by a furious finish by Switzerland.  Was it enough?   

Murray .... "Nope. His free kick blooters into the wall, and Argentina are through! Well, well, well, what an appalling game that was for 117 minutes. And then in the final throes, more than enough incident for a whole game! Poor Switzerland. But well done Argentina, who will play either Belgium or the USA in the quarter finals!"  

And that's soccer!  

One down, one still in it.  Off to see the USA v. Belgium.  

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  1. I watched USA v Belgium on my i-phone from a muffin cafe on the Upper East Side. (Try the walnut-chocolate chip cookie). We tried a bar but it was at capacity.

    There are odd reactions amongst my friends and relatives about the World Cup. Many people root against the United States. Right here in America.

    In soccer, we are the underdog. We're Costa Rica. Iran.

    However, after regulation time, I detected some unwillingness by my companion to sit with me while I watched my phone and we moved on to the 6 train, downtown.