Friday, August 29, 2014

Noam Sheizaf on Jung & Naiv

Berlin blogger Tilo Jung hosts a You Tube interview program.  He goes around the world asking "naive" questions of experts (in German "Jung" is young and they drop the "e" on "naive")  about primarily political and economic issues.  Many of the interviews are conducted in our international Lingua Franca:  English. Jung conducts in depth, half hour interviews that seek to explain and illuminate, not enrage. He is John Oliver to Sean Hannity; he is Vox of Germany on a shoestring.

Below is Jung in an interview with Noam Sheizaf (Israel's Ezra Klein) discussing the Gaza conflict at the beginning of August. Sheizaf is one of those young journalists who proves that long life is not a pre-requisite for wisdom. He keeps his biographical data close to his vest; for someone of his stature, you'd expect more would be readily available on the internet.  But it appears he was born in ~79, attended Tel Aviv University where he graduated with degrees in political science and French.  He spent 4 plus years in the Israeli Army and is a captain in the IDF Reserves. But back in 2002, together with approximately 500 others, he signed a statement of refusal to serve in the occupied territories (number 230 on the linked list). At the time Sheizaf was writing for the website YNet, associated with Israel's largest print newspaper Yedihot Aharonoth; he has been editor and staff journalist at Maariv (which has lost market share in recent years); he contributes to major American publications and is frequently recognized by the New York Times and Reuters as an authoritative analyst. He manages the independent web magazine +972 Magazine, which is an excellent English language source for smart and interesting analysis of the Israeli political scene.  

Here he is with Jung in Rabin Square.  Gotta love the chimney sweep microphone!


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