Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Transition from Elite Policy Magazines to Policy Web Sites

There's a shakeup going on over at the The New Republic.  The venerable liberal culture and policy magazine, which has been published continuously since 1914, was purchased by Chris Hughes (one of the founders of Facebook) in 2012.  Today, its editor Franklin Foer, and culture writer Leon Wieseltier resigned.  They may be followed by additional staff.   

If this means anything to you, or if you are interested in a very good description of the lay of the land among Washington D.C. policy magazines and web sites in 2014, I highly recommend Ezra Klein's article at VOX, Even the Liberal New Republic Needs to Change.  Klein describes the transition underway from traditional elite (and low circulation) policy magazines to a more diverse and numerous group of web-sites (with larger readerships).  

"Something is being lost in the transition from policy magazines to policy web sites," says Klein, "and it's still an open question how much of it can be regained."

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