Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shari Motro Coins a Word: Rosholushion

As an antidote to my depressing Rosh Hashana post, I direct you to Shari Motro's much more transcendent post in Tikkun Daily. [1] Shari writes on the peculiar type of New Year's resolutions practiced by Jews between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: 
[I]nstead of dancing, Jews usher in the New Year by swimming in a river of tears. ... [F]rom the start it weaves the sweet with the bitter. On the first day of the holiday, we read about a jealous wife who, after the miracle of her own late conception and childbirth, demands that another mother and son be banished to the desert, something that would result in their near certain death. On the second day, we read about a father who nearly kills his beloved son, even marshalling him to carry the wood for the altar on which he is to be slaughtered and burned.
Somehow, despite these utterly unlovable chapters in their lives, these people are loved; indeed they are revered. They are Avraham Avinu and Sarah Imenu – the father and mother of us all. Rosh Hashanah invites us to look at the darkest corners of our soul, at our deepest regrets and wounds, and out of this to fashion a wish, a decision, an intention. The Rosh Hashana resolution is born out of a cry.


[1] Tikkun Daily is a group blog off-shoot of the quarterly publication Tikkun Magazine.  Here is a link to their main site. It's worth keeping an eye on.

From their "About Page: "Tikkun Daily aims to serve as a central hub on the Web where people interested in a spiritual progressive perspective on politics, art, religion, and activism can go to put their finger on the pulse of an interfaith spiritual progressive response to the world. ... Tikkun Daily embraces an interfaith worldview that is based on the knowledge that most of us share but rarely have the gall to express overtly: that in this appalling and beautiful world, love can be embodied and become the basis for social relations."

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