Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Border Between Truth and Lies

A great passage on the borderland between truth and lies, from the novelist Hilary Mantel (Bring Up the Bodies):
"What is the nature of the border between truth and lies? It is permeable and blurred because it is planted thick with rumour, confabulation, misunderstandings and twisted tales. Truth can break the gates down, truth can howl in the street; unless truth is pleasing, personable and easy to like, she is condemned to stay whimpering at the back door."
Indeed. Top that.


Here is the list of her works as listed in Wikipedia.  I really must get to more of this.


    Short stories[edit]

      • Learning to Talk (Fourth Estate, 2003)
      • The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher: Stories (Fourth Estate, 2014)[46][47]


      • Giving Up the Ghost: Fourth Estate, 2003


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