Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Obscenity of the National Anthem at the Republican Debate in Las Vegas

The December 15, 2015 Republican Debate was held in Sheldon Adelson's Lair (The Venetian in Las Vegas).  Adelson, with a reported net worth of $38 billion makes Donald Trump look like a piker. He is a mega-donor to the Republican party, and whichever of the Republican candidates will be left standing at the end of this marathon will be in his debt.

Trump, who marches to his own drummer, nevertheless appeared to pay tribute to Adelson (a big supporter of Israel and Netanyahu) when he referred to "the Israelis" and "Netanyahu" when touting the effectiveness of the wall that he proposes to build at the border to keep out illegal immigrants.

The candidates were introduced like basketball players: "At 5'11" and 335 pounds, from the University of Delaware.... CHRIS CHRISTIE!!" [Hint: it's an analogy] Ayla Brown, the daughter of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, belted out the national anthem. She did a great job. Everyone stood doey-eyed, hand on heart.

Is this really the way to begin a somber discussion about the fate of the country; the fate of the world?

Ted Cruz spoke of carpet bombing wherever ISIS is. Asked whether that meant he would carpet bomb Raqqa, the ISIS headquarters and a town of 220,000, he said "wherever ISIS is!" He is speaking of killing 10's of thousands of people.  Kasich talked about sending American troops to war. Chris Christie spoke about being o.k. with starting World War III by shooting down a Russian plane in Syria. Donald Trump talked about killing the families of any terrorist.  .... And we kick this off with our national anthem?  We kick this off with "And the rockets red flare, and bombs bursting in air....?"

It's obscene.  And CNN is acting like it's normal.

Trump wants to build a fortress, close down Mosques, shut down "parts of the internet." Rubio wants to build a police surveillance state. Fiorina doesn't want any fine input from lawyers and wants to privatize government (as best I can figure out what the heck she's talking about).

"Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

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  1. The national anthem was not a total surprise. The debate was held at the Venetian. A hotel which has canals running through it. The singer had a vibrant style, did not fear attacking the high notes, and she could certainly play Vegas.
    I have been reading The Comedians, with a subtitle like the "gangsters, the strippers, the good old days." It makes me think of comic stylings or performances in general. Some of the GOP candidates are better on TV than others. Regrettably their messages are often filled with tribal hatred and willful ignorance. It is my hope that should any of them, (spit on ground three times) become president the separation of powers will reign in their reckless optimism about the might of America.