Monday, February 27, 2017

The World's Interdependent Economy: New World Bank Data

According to new data released by the World Bank, the U.S. continues to have the largest slice (24.32%) of the world's $74 trillion economy. 

Here is a detailed listing by country and region. It is noteworthy that if we look at regions, East Asia and the Pacific Region ranks first ($21.7 trillion), Europe and Central Asia ranks second ($20.1 trillion), and North America is in third position ($19.6 trillion).

Top Ten Ranking by Country (GDP in brackets)

1. United States ($18.03 trillion)
2. China ($11 trillion)
3. Japan ($4.38 trillion)
4. Germany ($3.36 trillion)
5. UK ($2.86 trillion)
6. France ($2.42 trillion)
7. India ($2,09 trillion)
8. Italy ($1.82 trillion)
9. Brazil ($1.77 trillion)
10. Canada ($1.55 trillion)

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