Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dreaming of Tuscany and Aspen in a World of Robots

And then they came for our hobbies!

A friend sent me another article sounding the alarm about how robots will put us all out of work: Times Higher Education,  The Robots are Coming for the Professionals  (July 2016).

We know, of course, robots, machines, and artificial intelligence are out to replace Uber drivers and long haul truck drivers . .  .  .  They've already replaced assembly line workers. Financial reporting analysts, lawyers, scientists, academics doing literature reviews for basic science are next to receive pink slips because we are being replaced by robots, suggests the article.

What's to become of us?

Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise when there's no one there to hear it? Does a robot on the ski slopes have any fun?  

When we're all out of work because machines are doing everything, where will we get the money to have our fun?  

Fun is not the problem.  We can make a robot that skis, and perhaps we can make one that skis better than we can.  We have machines now that can move faster than we can, that can fly better than we can, perhaps play banjo better than we can; we can have machines  that consume more cannoli without getting fat than we can. But the machines won't ever stop us from skiing, playing banjo, or eating cannoli. 

Where to get the money?

I’m waiting for the “Entrepreneur TM” app: it will crunch data to figure out the best business to go into right now and where the cheapest source of money is. "Entrepreneur TM" will talk to other machines that lend money—they’ll like my "Entrepreneur TM" App’s idea—and then my "Entrepreneur TM" App  will hire other machines to implement the idea. . . . I will collect profits at the end of this process and go out skiing; I will play my banjo and eat cannoli. Oh, and I will ask my "Wine App TM" to select the best wine at the best price for this season. Amazon will deliver it all via drone.

And, of course, everyone will have their own "Entrepreneur TM" App to make this economy go round and round.  It will be a big seller, this "Entrepeneur TM" App. 

How will we make it all run?  We’ll depend on the "Best Congress  TM" App to work with the "Best Statutes TM" and the "Best President TM" App to keep it all running optimally.  As a back up--because we like belts and suspenders--we'll also have a paid subscription with "Supreme Court TM" App. 

Tuscany and Aspen will never have looked better! 

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